Payments Reimagined

You are the Guest.

You can't order everything online... You still go out in real life :-) To get a hair cut. A facial. Yoga. To the wine bar. The dry cleaner... A coffee. The best places know you by name and make you feel valued when you come back.

Paying is Impersonal.

Have you noticed checking out is getting worse? Mobile companies are fighting for your wallet. Chip cards are getting harder to use. Every place you go uses a different system. Why? Because payments is no longer personal. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Skip Paying Altogether.

Why can't you just keep a tab? Sounds so easy. You can now. You don't need a phone, a credit card, a wallet ... you can be yourself and come and go as you please.

Remember when you took UBER and jumped out of the taxi when you arrived at your destination? Finished dining? Just go ahead and go. Just order a coffee and get back to your friends. Pick up your dry cleaning on the run. Checking out is no longer with required.

The flagship product from
is called Payments and is
coming soon.