Increase profit for your auto shop.

Facepay payments are 15% more profitable.

We do that by reimagining payments to be an integral part of your customer workflow.

How does Facepay work with your workflow?

DROP OFF Your customers are introduced to convenient pickup options when they drop off their vehicles. They are invited by email or text to add accounts with the same popular, proven, secure technology they are already using on their phones.

SERVICE COMPLETE Your service writers like it because they simply accepts payment via direct bank-to-bank transfer with same day clearing. Arrangements with customers become smoother at pickup.

PICKUP The payment is already complete so customers can pick up their vehicle when it works best for them, including after-hours.

POINT-OF-SALE The terminal at the service desk always ranked highest in customer dissatisfaction. Facepay is better because, by being in workflow, your customers have already paid before they come in and your transactions are tendered the same as cash.

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Facepay is proud to be selected as an ATI Diamond Partner commemorated with this NFT.

Partner Spotlight

Facepay is a Diamond Partner of ATI along with NAPA, Kukui, Tekmetric and Motor Supply.

Joint Webinar w/ATI: Increase Profit Lift 15% Watch as panelists Koole Bolina, ATI Executive Coach, and Chris Frazer, Owner of TLS Motorworks, share insight on how to measure profit and process recommendations to generate more profitable transactions.


"We are very happy with Facepay. The secret is setting customer expectations as they walk in the door."

Chris Frazer

TLS Motorworks

Guaranteed Text-To-Pay is one our most requested features.

Listen in to Kim's podcast as ATI Member Stacey Diaz of Wayside Garage offered that there is no recourse for chargebacks.

Kim Hickey

Executive Coach
Automotive Training Institute

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See Facepay in action and reach your customers in minutes from when you start.

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Our shops net 15% more per transaction by introducing Facepay in their existing workflow.

"We chose Facepay as a diamond partner because they immediately increase gross profit lift."

Ron Greenman

Chief Operating Officer
Automotive Training Institute

"Got our credit card statement in March. Out of our $209,000 in sales only $37k went through the credit card machine."

Brittany Schindler

General Manager,
Rod's Japanese Auto Care
ATI Member

"A+ Japanese Auto Repair will have an additional $48,000 this year in profit lift using Facepay."

Eric Sevim

A+ Japanese Auto Repair

Jim Bennett, Carmasters Automotive

Jim Bennett founded Carmasters Automotive 24 years ago back in 1998. Bennett also serves as Board Director for the Automotive Industry Virginia Automotive Association and as a Coach and Director of Technical Training and Development for ATI. Jim uses Facepay direct bank payments to increase profit margin an additional 15% per repair . Integrating Facepay into the existing Kukui and AutoVitals workflow automates customer sign-ups for direct bank payments.

Korey Cutlip, Regal Tire Pros

Korey Cutlip started running Regal Auto Care Tire Pros six years ago. Cutlip’s shop prides itself on its high quality servicing, customer service, and contributions to local youth sports organizations in Auburn Washington. Cutlip, a member of Steve Privettes ATI Group, uses Facepay’s direct bank payments on big $6,000 tickets to save an extra 15% of the repair for profits . Integrating Facepay into his Mitchell, Kukui, and AutoVitals workflow has made Facepay a win.

Terica Buckner, Hawthorne Auto Clinic

Terica Buckner started working at Hawthorne auto clinic 22 years ago and took ownership in 2019. Buckner uses Facepay direct bank payments to securely and conveniently check out hundreds of customers. Integrating Facepay into her Shop-Ware and AutoShop Solutions workflow got her 26 customer payments on Facepay in May .

Dean Phelps, Six to Six Auto Service

Dean Phelps’s Six to Six Auto Service has been providing the Lancaster Nebraska area with trustworthy and dependable auto repairs since 2005. Phelps, a member of ShopFix Academy under coach Lowell Greene, just joined Facepay in May and won the shop of the month. Dean gets at least one customer to sign-up for Facepay’s direct bank payments every day . Integrating Facepay into the existing Tekmetric and AutoVitals workflow makes Facepay a guaranteed win for the shop.

Laurie Rate, Bob's Main Street Auto & Towing

Laurie Rate has been providing West Bend, Wisconsin with dependable and trustworthy repair services for over 18 years. Rate, an ATI member under coach Brian Hunnicutt, uses Facepay direct bank payments to increase profit margin an additional 15% per repair . Integrating Facepay into the existing Kukui and Shop Monkey workflow automates customer sign-ups for direct bank payments.

Jimmy Turner, CBA Collierville

Jimmy Turner has been running Christian Brothers Automotive Collierville for close to nine years. Turner, a 2021 Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee, uses Facepay direct bank payments to make 20% of his customers the same as cash . Incorporating Facepay into the existing AutoText.Me and Tekmetric workflow results in hundreds of new customer sign ups.

Facepay Blog

Discussions about topics transforming the way we think about payments.

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Chargebacks are dominating the industry and customers are left without an option to get their cars.

June 22

Workflow Driven Satisfaction

A pivotal moment of our startup was incorporating payments into workflow and focusing a customer first approach. Results followed.

June 14

Stay Informed: Kickbacks

Early on in our company history, we encountered kickbacks in other industries. Let's make sure this deceptive practice doesn't happen in our automotive industry.


You only profit from Facepay.

By removing fees from your payments, Facepay pays for itself many times over. Facepay offers the industry’s only subscription pricing in lieu of transaction fees. All editions include our direct bank connection which contributes directly to your profit lift.